ElecBrakes Wireless Electric Brake Controller

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ElecBrakes is a full electric brake controller designed and assembled in Australia.

The system uses Bluetooth technology to provide a reliable wireless connection via the main controller box mounted on the trailer draw bar.

This uniquely designed unit is then wirelessly controlled by any smartphone with Bluetooth. Available on all phone platforms.

The ElecBrakes system is built and designed to conform to all Australian standards for caravans and trailers up to 4.5T ATM.

How Does it Work?

Unlike traditional brake controllers that are fitted to the tow vehicle, ElecBrakes mounts on the trailer utilizing a “Hybrid wireless” system (part Bluetooth 4.0 and part hard wired) to conform with ADR38 requirements. Being mounted on the trailer provides key advantages such as any suitably sized tow vehicle can tow the trailer, brake response is set and stored in the unit on the trailer.

Multiple power supply circuits reduce the load on any one circuit and provide redundancy for bad connectors or faulty circuits.

The device is fitted to the trailer’s draw bar and wired into the existing electrical circuits. You can then monitor, change settings and control the trailer’s brakes using the Elecbrakes smartphone app.

What installation option is right for me?

Trailer -Wired

The ‘Trailer-Wired’ model functions identically except it is spliced directly into your trailer’s wiring. This means that when you connect your trailer to your vehicle you simply plug the trailer cable into your tow vehicle’s socket as you would normally. This installation results in less external visible cables which provides a sleeker look. This option is popular with customers using an installer.

Plug & Play

For the quickest and easiest install choose the ‘Plug & Play’ model. The wiring in this model is pre-configured in an external adaptor which means all you need to do is affix it onto your trailer and simply plug in to your tow vehicle’s socket. This option is popular with customers who are installing the unit themselves.

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