ALKO Shock Absorber BLUE – suits IRS Axles (One only)

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Product Description

The AL-KO IRS axle is clever design and is sometimes known as a “Rubberized Axle”, how it basically works is that the axle itself has strong rubber inserts mounted within a large tube housing and the independent axle stub swing arms are mounted within these at a set angle to the ground, the rubber then becomes your suspension as the stub axle arms movement and travel are controlled by this created tension much like a spring absorbs shock and then rebounding on it with an opposite action. To smooth out this process for travel comfort and safety as well as taking up the added bumps and movement that can occur between vehicle and trailer a dampener or shock absorber is required to regulate all this excess energy within the IRS suspension movement under load which in-turn provides a smooth ride.

The AL-KO IRS axle being a unique design requires a unique shock absorber and AL-KO cater to this with their very own being the AL-KO IRS Shock Absorber and if yours isn’t dampening like if once did it you may just need to be replaced to simply get your van towing at it’s very best once again.

– Genuine AL-KO Specialist IRS Shock Absorber. 280000
– Blue Shock Model
– Bushed and Complete with Shackle Bolts
– Sold Singularly

  • Blue rating is 1350kg per axle (2700kg Tandem Capacity)

If you have AL-KO’s IRS system under your van, it is important to get these shocks looked at on your next service. If your van is currently bouncing around excessively under tow, don’t wait! Get a Caravan Suspension Specialist onto it straight away as these shocks are responsible for dampening out a lot of the bounce when touring.

If your IRS shock is a different color or you might just be a little unsure of what you need please contact us for further assistance.

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