Job Opportunity ( Production Manager ) 13/08/2020


Job Summary

  • Full Time
  • Annual Salary $59.900,00

The Production Manager oversees the safe receipt, storage, retrieval and timely

Dispatch of goods, manufactured or otherwise; ensures workplace health and safety requirements are met; takes responsibility for the security of the building and stock; manages the work team and oversees picking, packing and distribution activity.

Location: Brisbane Warehouse ( 158 Boniface Street, Archerfield, QLD 4108 )


  • Three (3) year’s experience in a warehouse environment
  • Bachelor of Management or Diploma of Business.
  • Personal relationship and customer service skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • An entrepreneurial spirit
  • An enthusiastic and friendly attitude
  • Basic Microsoft Office knowledge including Excel, Word and Outlook
  • Knowledge of equipment safety standards.


  • Minimum of Three year’s experience in warehouse operations
  • Background in material handling, purchasing, and stock control
  • Prior Experience with Odoo software “all-in-one business software capable of covering all business needs, including CRM, Website/e-Commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse- and project management, and inventory, all seamlessly integrated”

Essential Job Functions

In consultation with Company Directors:

  • Plan, organize and conduct activities in the Warehouse for the purpose of ensuring the availability and efficient distribution of supplies and materials..
  • Plan and organize the manufacturing of axle beams and other customized parts on the CNC (Lathe) machine.
  • Plan and organize the manufacturing of complete brake and bearing assemblies
  • Ensure the warehouse has an organized layout and safe work environment.
  • Verify that warehouse equipment is maintained and repaired in a timely manner to ensure safe operating conditions.
  • Process stock requisitions to maintain required inventory levels and ensure that supplies and materials are delivered on time.
  • Oversee the safe receipt, storage, retrieval and timely dispatch of goods and ensure the specifications, quantity and quality of orders are correct.
  • Oversee quarterly stock control and identify losses
  • Monitor staff welfare, well-being and performance; and encourage teamwork to ensure productivity targets are met.
  • Brief workers on the tasks for the day and supervise personnel as assigned, for the purpose of maximizing the efficiency of the workforce and meeting shift requirements.
  • Ensure workplace health and safety requirements are met and take responsibility for the security of the building and stock.
  • Ensure that work assignments are completed in a safe, proper and timely manner and direct assigned workers as necessary.
  • Maintain various records, schedules, files, etc. for the purpose of documenting and providing reliable information.
  • Process documents, reports, or other information at the request of Directors.


  • Direct and maintain a safety program for all employees assigned to the warehouse.
  • Initiate and maintain proper and necessary safety and fire prevention equipment within the warehouse as prescribed by law and policy.
  • Operate tools, equipment, and machinery according to prescribed safety procedures.
  • Follow established safety procedures and techniques to perform job duties including lifting, climbing, etc.
  • Correct unsafe conditions in work area and report any conditions that are not correctable to Director immediately

Other Job Functions:

  • Participate in various activities (e.g. meetings, training, etc.) for the purpose of receiving and/or conveying information.
  • Drive vehicles for the purpose of transporting supplies, equipment, textbooks, etc. to designated sites.


  • This position will report directly to the Company Directors.

Work Environment

Environment is in a shared office space as well as a large warehouse. This position may require a flexible schedule, extended hours, or weekends to accommodate customer needs.

Some work will require:

being exposed to the outdoors; moderate walking, standing, and/or climbing; heavy lifting and carrying; stooping, bending, kneeling, and reaching; work outside and inside; work around machinery with moving parts; work around moving objects or vehicles; exposure to dampness and humidity; work on ladders and scaffolding; exposure to slippery and uneven surfaces.
Note: This is a general description of the duties and responsibilities most frequently required of this position. The company may from time to time request that the incumbent perform other related tasks and assume reasonable responsibilities that have not been specifically included in this description.
The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required.