Australian Made Trailer Parts

Australian Made Trailer Parts

It is very upsetting having to answer the same question every day on the phone. Are your parts Australian made?

Unfortunately, with the high cost of manufacturing of the trailer parts in Australia and the focus pointing to low cost and higher profit margin, Australian Made Trailer Parts have become harder to find.

List of reasons for the Australian business owners to go overseas:

  • Hight Australian Labour Cost
  • High cost for the Australian raw product
  • Low import taxes charged by the government
  • Ebay / Aliexpress etc… online sales direct to end consumer

As a result of this price reduction battle, it became rather harder to the Manufactures to justify having the Australian Made Trailer Parts. India and China have become Australias biggest trailer parts supplier.Australian Made Trailer Parts

In 2015 however, TSP Australia decided to listen to our costumers and rather not follow the trend of importing non-Australia made trailer Axles and purchase a CNC Lathe machine and started to manufacture our own Australian made axles.

Please follow the link showing the Australian made axles also including prices and technical information

Manufacturing Australian Made products as a result of quality control and managing stock has proven that It was a good decision made by TSP Australia consequently increasing our customer satisfaction.

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